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Last modified on Tuesday, 09 February 2016 14:45

What is your Bedouin tent rental for?

The way you intend to use your tent will be a big factor in how it should be specified. The venue and the flow of events on the day of the event is of utmost importance.
Always keep in mind people, catering, music and other entertainment.
If you have a particular theme in mind, consider how it can be extended beyond the tent for greater impact.
If you are planning separate activities, will two small tents be better than one big one?
It is possible to “stitch” different size tents together to create alternative size stretch tents for special events.

How do I decide on the ideal Bedouin tent for my function?

Careful planning and preparation will ensure your guests enjoy a great function while you enjoy peace of mind that everything goes smoothly. Here are a few basics to consider:How many guests will need seating?
Will seating be required for relaxation or dining or both?
Will there be dancing? Is a dance floor needed?
Will there be a DJ or band?
What other space will be needed in the party tent?
Will food be plated and served from elsewhere or will a buffet area be needed?
Where will guests be moving around freely?

Bedouin or Stretch tent?

Bedouin tents are also known as freeform tents or stretch tents. They have different names but they all work on the same principles. Tension is put on the special fabric by using ropes and anchor points and then the poles are inserted to custom stretch your “stretch tent” to exactly the way you want it.

This gives each Bedouin /Stretch / Freeform tent its own unique personality.

There are a number of reasons why event planners choose Bedouin tents over marquee tents:

Bedouin tents are customisable to a great extent! Marquee tents are static and cannot be modified in shape, angle or colour to suit the needs of the clients.
The material used in Bedouin tents are stretchable and breathable and gives a warmer, earthier vibe compared to the shiny, plastic look of PVC marquee tents.
Unlike marquee tents, Bedouin tents can tolerate over uneven terrain.
Bedouin tents can be attached to the side of buildings or used to cover decks.
Bedouin tents are made of sound absorbing material which gives you better sound proofing from the outside in as well as from the inside out.
Bedouin tents block all harmful UV rays giving great shade. If pitched on a lawn it still allows enough light to not affect the grass.
Bedouin tents create a naturally inviting ambience with soft touch fabric surfaces and naturally flowing curves which is great for making people feel welcome at your function.

The Weather

Always consider the weather! Our team will help you decide on the shape of you stretch tent for the specific day and will advise according to the predicted weather. Wind is always a big factor and our team will rig the tent so that the wind is maximally blocked out. Our Bedouin tents are 100% waterproof, thus giving you peace of mind even if the weatherman predicts a bit of nasty weather. Heaters can be used inside the tent to make it more comfortable on colder days.