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Rates (set up fee not included)

Freeform Bedouin Stretch Tents

300sqrm = R11 500
(Capacity: 150 people seated at tables)
Size: 15m x 20m
Colour: White

255sqrm = R10 000
(Capacity: 125 people seated at tables)
Size: 15m x 17m
Colour: White

150sqrm = R7 000
(Capacity: 75 people seated at tables)
Size: 15m x 10m
Colour: Off White

90sqrm = R5 000
(Capacity: 45 people seated at tables)
Size: 12m x 7.5m
Colour: Off White

45sqrm = R3 500*
(Capacity: Bar tent / band stand)
Size: 6m x 7.5m
Colour: Off White

*When rented with any of the bigger tents a discount price of R2 000 will apply.

25 sqms (5m x 5m) = R 1000 - Ideal for shade and pre-drinks


We offer a service to light up your tent to your desired specifications. We use different lights for different occasions and this will be custom trimmed to your needs. We use strings of globes  inside the tent with fairy lights on the edges to create that extra magic.

Dance Floor

Care to dance? Tentmen not only shelters you from the elements, but we also supply portable dance floors to dance the night away on!
Dance floor is 6m x 6m at R2 800.

6m x 6m dance floor




Generator @ R750 per weekend, fuel included

Tables- tressle with wooden tops, 2,4mx800, 16 tables @ R40 each

Chairs- white plastic, 90 chairs @ R10 each

Fire braziers - 4 braziers @ R150 each


Transport is charged at R4.00 per km. All deliveries are charged from Bonnievale.